There's No Such Thing... a day too wet to blip!

It's just a matter of how much you want to struggle with a brolly to keep the camera dry, how many photos you are prepared to delete because the brolly blew across the shot and how cold you let your hands get before you decide you have a shot you can use!

Today was an atrocious day down at the lake, as it was, apparently, 2 years ago, just not as much fun! I always live in hope that conditions might be fabulous, if only I persevere and get there!

It was the second time today I'd got wet. We had been very late to bed this morning and unusually late up. I had gone on a dog walk in a forest but hadn't got the camera out of the bag. It's a bit difficult walking along forest tracks holding a golf umbrella to keep the camera dry!

Of course, I could have done an indoor blip. Melted brie oozing out from between slices of crispy bacon in lunchtime butties. No, no, no! I did a foody blip yesterday, that was fattening enough for my journal!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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