Leap Frog

Massive daily competition for who can jump the frog which I luckily just happened to catch on camera this afternoon - from the left. Best seen as a bigger leap :)

Uncle Henry referee with vantage point on the pole: 'My idea, MY game, take this seriously folks!'

Dippy sis, not all there: 'What, where, when ..........how..the...?'

Dad: 'Go on my son you can do it!!!!!'

Little bro' a bit too casually: 'Am I bovvered....oh ooops, you didn't say you were that low?'

Mum: 'Nooo...Oh dear, OH DEAR!! I knew I shouldn't have looked! He's coming.......!'

Big bro' a bit bored: 'Tell me when it's my turn..... but watch .......my HEA....D!'

Auntie Dot, not the most clued up and worryingly the chief scorer by all accounts: 'Ok tell me when he starts to jump!'

The result - well no he didn't make it and landed in the water.

Thank you for all being so patient - I've had a lot on my plate but didn't want to give up blipping! I've switched my comments back on, missed looking at all your fabulous images recently and am ready for a new year! Hope everyone is happy, well and have a wonderful 2014

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