Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Extreme dog walking

The tide early this afternoon was one of the biggest of the year, a 10.6 metre Spring. Fortunately the wind wasn't as severe as originally predicted, so the water didn't rise quite as high as it might otherwise have done. There was still an impressive amount of water sloshing about in the bay. In this shot as you can see, the promenade by Ash Meadow was disappearing under water, and this man and his dog were the last to attempt a walk round here. At one stage, it looked as if Arnside Pier might be totally submerged, but the tide peaked earlier than the tide tables predicted. We were luckier than people in the southwest and Wales.

On other matters, yesterday I posted a link to the alternative blip which I had put on Flickr. This was picked up as one of the Explore choices for the day, and I have been gobsmacked by the number of views it attracted. The selection of Explore photos from the millions posted every day is even more of a mystery than the Blipfoto Spotlight. But then lots of people do like woolly cows!

ps I didn't have Gus with me, he would not have liked walking through there, and he's not as low slung as the beagle. That said, this isn't as dangerous as maybe it appears, we don't get waves of any size in the estuary.

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