Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Threading the needle

A kayaker is about to shoot the rapids through the Arnside viaduct, shortly after the tidal bore roared through. You have to know what you are doing to attempt this. I was safely on the parapet. It was another 10+ metre tide, but on a calmer day than yesterday, water levels were much lower at the peak.

We dropped down to Sandside to see the flooded road, where we joined Pam, Bern and young lensman Cameron to watch a succession of daft people attempt to drive through the brackish water. They included two motorcyclists, who did just make it.

Otherwise a quiet, overcast day, though there was a brief flourish of the sun at sunset - which I managed to miss, so I'm still waiting for my first sunrise or sunset blip of the year.

Thank you to the blippers who have subscribed to this journal in the last few days, and my apologies if I have not said hello yet. I will catch up.

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