The Aftermath: One street 24

We went out this morning to view the damage done by the recent scary combination of high tides, surges and severe gales. It was shocking. We walked for a good two miles along the coast from our house and everywhere chunks of sea wall and road had just disappeared. Slabs of tarmac, big boulders, old cement gate posts, and tons of seaweed lay scattered on the remaining road. The wind had obviously roared in from the south; the waves seemed to have gone right across the road for little walls on the other side had been demolished and seaweed shot far up onto the fields.

This is a bit of documentary evidence - top left, the road into Ahakista; top right the wall and a massive chunk of road swallowed up near Sunny Cove; bottom right the entrance to Kitchen Cove where huge boulders had been pushed up into the field; bottom left; an incredible lake had appeared in someone's field.

The walk took ages for other people were out walking and everyone wanted a chat. Locals reckon it was the worst storm since 1948.

All calm today but more gales and high tides are forecast for tomorrow. This road will be closed for sometime but fortunately there is a smaller road higher otherwise we would be stuck, for the northside of the peninsula is cut off too!
Hope everyone else is ok, for the east coast of America is freezing, Australia is baking and Newquay is getting a right battering!

The lull after the storm - this music seems appropriate.
And this is a one street contribution.

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