The Colours of Autumn

The photograph shows the display next to the check out at the Raemoir Garden Centre. It gives me the impression it must have been there a while, it looks a lot more like autumn than the signs of the stat of Spring. Surely they need to spring into action and update their display.

We had called in for breakfast. They have very nice sausages, we nearly bought some but we were going to the cinema later, so decided it would wait for another occasion.

We went to see "American Hustle" To be honest the BBC Television series "The Hustle" was more successful in my opinion. The film had what would have been a good story, loosely based on fact. The problem was it could not decide whether to be a comedy or not. I think it was trying to be a comedy in which case it was not very funny. There could have been a good thriller there also, but it was not that either. I am afraid it failed for us.

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