January Challenge - Seat

Day 5 of DDW's January daily challenge - Seat

During the Christmas break I heard a single loud crack come from somewhere. I couldn't find the source, but noticed that there was a problem on the video card on my PC when preparing my blips. I hoped that it was going to be a simple job of re-SEATing the card (he says desperately trying to fit the theme). That was not to be, for when i took it out I found this sight - 5 out of 6 electrolytic Capacitors of the same value were swollen or had actually split open.

As I used to repair techie things for a living (in ye olden dayes when things were mended rather than replaced), and as I am an old meanie, I ordered up the parts to replace them - total cost £5.55 including P&P, rather than £200-£300 for a replacement card. Now I just have to fit them. With so many failing like this it looks like a bit of a duff batch, I have included the replacement of the 2 other electrolytics that are of a different value and showing no signs of an issue, as a safety measure, but hopefully the card will now last as long as the rest of the PC.

I have been slack in uploading again, so I have just uploaded all since the start of the year. Normal service should be resumed now as I will be back working and in routine on Monday.

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