Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I cannot believe that I am about to say this...but I kind of miss all the squirrel-craziness from last winter. The hickory and oak trees in our woods produced loads of nuts this year so that the squirrels are still eating very well, without a single bird feeder being raided ... yet.

Squirrels were a great e-blip last year, but not so much this winter. Now I have to stalk the darned things rather than having them right outside my window. Oh well, at least I am saving tons on bird seed! And winter isn't over by a long shot.

This little guy had just sniffed out and duck up a hickory nut in the snow, then retreated to his tree branch to dine in relative peace. Not a great photo, but it's my pick for the day.

The other choices were wild turkeys (a group of 11 came strolling out of the woods and into the back yard this morning), a titmouse, a blue jay or a lovely red cardinal. I kept going back to the squirrel. The other five "also-ran" shots are posted on Flickr, starting HERE

And people... it's Friday!!


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