Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


This was probably the only 4 minutes of sun all day on this very wild and windy stormy day full of drenching deluges and thundershowers (during the Seahawks playoff game! glad I didn’t pay big bucks to sit in the rain- but I wouldn’t pay big bucks to watch them at all! not even on the tv)) when I spied this across the street from my dining room window. Definitely a photoshoot. First she held a reflector, then one of the others fixed her hair (in the wind) -he shooting INTO the sun on an ordinary street with bare trees behind, I couldn’t quite figure it out what this place had to offer. Maybe they were driving around looking for a spot, the sun came out, they drove into this parking area and were out of there in less than 5 minutes. Have no idea what it was about. No Seahawks jersey..:-) Somehow this eclipsed the corgy convention (every 2nd sat of the month!) we ran into walking around Green Lake after Niklas’s basketball game (which I’ll have lots more opportunities to blip.)

Thanks for all the helpful comments on the photo dilemma yesterday - why am I not surprised that you’d all have the same issues?! :-) When I ask my kids what will happen to the photos, the daughter-in-laws tell me to keep them . but label who’s who! I am determined to cull them a bit, however....

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