A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

10.36 from Haywards Heath

A chance to finally play with my Lumix G5.

On route to Crawley we stopped at the Ouse Valley Viaduct at Balcombe. I would like to think it's a local feature, stunning & I think quite beautiful through the lens.

Jenny waited patiently in the car while I tinkered with settings, aperture, effects & my wavering balance as I tried to stay upright in the muddy bog that surrounded me. Once I'd got my shot, we shot off to Cineworld to watch the much anticipated sequel to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was brilliant & it's always exciting to see how they bring a wonderful book to the big screen. A book I'd only finished a few days ago.

We had a quiet afternoon, I fired off a few more CV/ Covering Letter combo's in a near-fruitless attempt at securing a new job (I keeed, it IS fruitless) & Jen did some knitting on her special new project. This evening we put on our glad rags & hit Brighton's North Lane bars with a gaggle to celebrate Cleave's imminent departure to the Far East. We had a great laugh & I for one enjoyed more than a few bevvies. Headache for one.

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