Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Ross: Over tired......x

Sam has over done it. A busy, action packed weekend has pushed him to the edge. I know how he feels. His muscles ache from running over a huge inflatable (total wipeout style thing!) in the swimming pool yesterday. He brags over lunch that he " completed it 17 times".

Had I known this, or observed him closer yesterday I wouldn't have insisted on a 'blow your cobwebs out' Sunday hike from home to Ross. They didn't complain to much. Rather the opposite, running ahead and then insisting on a game of tag rugby with the puppy on the boys team. Eva the pup, has figured out how to score and drop the ball on command.

Anyway..... Sam collapsed on the sofa, after refuelling on Sunday dinner. A hot bath and an early night needed for sure and not just for Sam!.....x

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