A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Boys Bush Tucker Trial

Guess what was on the menu today!? Witchetty grub? Mealworm? Close..

With Milne & Matt joining us last night, we inevitably partied long into the night (drifting in & out of sleep on the sofa in front of the Life of Brian, having munched on choccy biscuits) & so a lie in was much deserved. We enjoyed a corking breakfast of eggy bread with crispy bacon & maple syrup. Quite content, we then strangely followed this with what some astute people would describe as a bush tucker treat. Jenny excluded, she just would not, we three boys each tantalised our taste buds with a salt & vinegar cricket, I'm A Celebrity style. I have Aunty Spishy to thank for this interesting addition as it made up part of our Christmas present.

Suffice to say, although we only had one each & they were quite small, I still can't believe I voluntarily ate one. They did go down with very little drama however (I did flap momentarily; the other two play rugby so their used to a certain level of grit). We all reported that they tasted very salty, which in the end wasn't the worst it could have been I suppose.

After we'd wined & dined the boys & they made for the exit, we spent the rest of the day getting comfy on the sofa, watching Poirot, Pitch Perfect & the like.


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