A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Open All Hours

'G-Granville? How do you spell p-p-p-p-pepper? Is it six p's or seven?'

After spending the morning lazing with the papers & sifting through the inserts, we've rolled up our sleeves (still got flour on them though) & had one heck of a busy Sunday afternoon of baking all manner of treats.

Clockwise from left to right, a world first exclusive for blip, the much anticipated chilli-pizza (or chi-zza), the much sought after cheese & bacon twists, a selection of mince pies & jam tarts, & the show stopper, apple pie a la Jenny's Nanna. I've very proud of my chi-zza & the twists could be my best yet. And pie! - my favey - is very tasty, especially with custard.

I'll be taking in slices of chi-zza & the twists tomorrow for Jacky D's little leaving soiree, & the tarts & pies are purely for home consumption. Training as taken an unexpected but welcome turn!

..I'll be stepping up my running mileage I think.

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