A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

It's Time to Say Goodbye

Yes, the day had come, Jack was to be leaving us. There will be no more Jackanory *sad face.

We gave Jacky Boy a sweet little send off, a card & a few presents - a couple of bottles of his favourite, Cherry Coke (he likes to boil a gammon in a vat of it), some choccy, a board game, & a little extra bonus compilation CD from yours truly, filled with classics that Jack was prone to humming & singing around the Office. TV themes Round the Twist & Animal Hospital were amongst his favourites, & of late, Mr Burns' 'See My Vest' from the Simpsons was a repeat performance. Jack brought in some nibbles too & so we had ourselves a day of it.

On the flip side, systems were on a go-slow & so the usually mundane became the excruciatingly mundane & drawn-out.

In other news, how could I resist, the Twelfth Doctor's ensemble has been revealed - check it out - I love it! Bring on the new Doctor!

There I think we've covered all bases.

Good luck Jack & I'll be seeing you at football next Tuesday (oh didn't I mention, it's not goodbye forever!)

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