By mollymay49

Still Life

I played around with this scene and quite liked the look of this one...

Koen & Jacob thoroughly enjoyed their first day back to school for the first semester of 2014, Sara's words were " the smoothest drop off to school ever" they both had new classrooms new teachers and most if not all the same school friends in their class as they had last year, two happy boys..
We are sat wondering where the summer holidays flew too.
But as Anniemay says "they have to go quick its the rule" and my Sis should know being a teacher for more than half her life, and pretty darned good one at that. :-)
Keely & Jaxon return to their school Monday, fingers crossed they settle back just as easy.
Deklan too returns Monday a big boy now as he will go all day everyday ans starts in grade one!

DDW Challenge: January 2014
Topic; Still Life

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