fleeting visions

By eyeGillian

Right of way

We took the dogs to Rockwood Park this afternoon. The park, a huge tract of land in the centre of the city, encompasses a zoo, a barn (where you can go for riding lessons), golf course, campground, playgrounds, a variety of lakes with beaches & boat rentals, several picnic areas & numerous trails. There was once a ski hill - I learned to ski there - but the lack of consistent snow over many years resulted in its closure long ago.

It was mild again today, so we headed out on what turned out to be a 6-1/2 km walk through the park, following the main trail through the woods & out to this road between worlds, carved over hills & between forests. We walked - or slithered - on soft snow, a few patches of ice, and here in the open we found bare ground; much easier to walk on.

We're expecting a pile of snow on Wednesday, so we might not see this area again for a while, unless we rent snow shoes or cross country skis!

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