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Buttons and memories

I'm preparing for a project on bric-a-brac for my Photo class. Today I made a start by rummaging through our button boxes. The odd buttons brought back lots of memories of garments long since sent to the charity shops. NB Mum is horrified that the last sentence suggests we cut buttons off garments we give to the charity shop. What I intended to say is that these are the spare buttons......etc!!

Mum found a set of buttons - the purple with tiny flowers on them - which she bought at the exhorbitant price of 7 1/2 d each in her 30s to go on a dress she was going to make. For whatever reason, the dress was not made, but we still have the set of buttons!

I was not sure how to arrange these. I tried for a rainbow but was defeated by violet and indigo. There were not many green buttons either. Then I wanted to include black, white/pearl and shiny.

See if you can find the violin, the sheep's face, the clock and the teddy bears in there. Not quite as hard as Where's Wally.

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this Pantone test. I found it easier than sorting the buttons!

PS A better day for me. Attended Walking Festival committee. All arrangements well underway for Spring.

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