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By walkingMarj

More colours

After yesterday's buttons, I've gone for more colours. Those of you who know me well will immediately know that these are not my embroidery cottons. I could never keep them in such perfect order. I completely see the advantage of doing them this way, of course!

I have shown parts of 3 boxes, but rest assured there are more, so that all of the spectrum is covered. There is a separate box of gold threads.

The image has been given a touch of nostalgia.

I managed to attend the navigation course and was pleased to find that I could help beginners take a bearing. I must have learned something along the way.

Resting this afternoon.........

PS I am in a bit of trouble here because of something I said in yesterday's blip. I inadvertently implied that we cut buttons off garments before sending them to the charity shop. Mea culpa!

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