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By walkingMarj

High Five anyone?

Actually no - Bowlby had asked to go into the conservatory and almost immediately scratched at the glass to be allowed back into the house.

I try not to do too many cat blips, but this is so characteristic of her behavioiur. Carla, her sister, is in and outdoors at frequent intervals. Mum even tried a card system to show whether she is in or out, but we have failed to use it every time!!

"What time do you call this?" may be a familiar phrase on the lips of parents of teenagers. Tonight it was on my lips. My lovely Mum drove to her embroidery class in Allendale which finishes at 4pm and then she called in Hexham for a few items. I prepared the meal for 6pm - since she was bound to be home by 5.30. By the time she did arrive - 6.30 - having lost track of the time - I was on the road to Hexham looking for her!!


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