Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

The Yellow Steeple

It was half eleven by the time I woke after last night's mad pub and back-home session. I'm fortunate not to ever suffer from a hangover, so I was quite alive and perky. I was greeted by a fine collection of cuddly toys when I opened my eyes, and then made my way to the kitchen for breakfast A bit of chat about last night's adventures and friendly banter with the two children and then it was time to bring Dave back in to Trim to pick up his car. I'd thoroughly enjoyed my overnight stay, and we agreed on parting that I'll go down again after the new baby arrives.

I couldn't leave Trim without stopping for a while at Trim Castle. The blip shows The Yellow Steeple, which I haven't been able to find out much about. The building on the left is Talbot Castle (St Mary's Abbey), so perhaps the two structures were connected originally. I spent a pleasant while pottering around, and finally continued on the road back home. The rest of the day is a lazy blur.

More of Trim Castle over at Flickr.

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