By annemckay568


Today, as a member of Absent Voices Arts Project, I was lucky enough to visit a lovely gentleman called Bertie Hutchison.
Bertie recently turned 100 yrs of age.
He worked at the Greenock Sugar Sheds around 1930s.
He told me some stories of his life in Greenock and also during the war.
He told me of the D Day landings and how he watched his friends be blown apart.
Bertie also told me of his love of music....he used to play the piano and learn to play peices of music by ear.
Bertie was hilarious, too....He wouldn't stop laughing and smiling.....such a beautiful and calm face.
Bertie says that he has lived a long life through working very hard, eating good food, never drinking alcohol or smoking. His skin is so fresh and smooth ...his eyes bright and still allow him to read his paper.
My visit ended with lovely cuppas and iced ginger bread. I can't wait to visit hom again, as he has agreed for me to draw his portrait.

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