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There's always plenty of that when you get unintentionally dragged into that old chestnut of an argument over which is best - Windows or Mac.

I normally don't bite as I'm pretty much ambidextr-OS when it comes to what operating system I use as I have to use both extensively at work. But, it does irk when someone makes a statement like "I can only work Photoshop on the Mac, not on a PC" or, "Macs aren't real computers". What it generally comes down to is people always go on the defensive when taken out of their comfort zone; in the instances above the first was because the version of Photoshop they were using in Windows was 3 or 4 versions earlier than the one they were used to on the Mac, the second was down to someone having had a "shot of a Mac" 3 years ago. In both instances, neither person showed much evidence of being able to work ANY computer to any level of competency.

As far as it goes in my experience, someone who's open minded enough to get over the Mac vs PC slagfest and actually use the best tool for each task will be a much happier and well rounded individual. They'll live longer, work better, be infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex and, at some point, will be guaranteed a massive win on the Lottery.

Sometimes the two sides of an argument aren't as black and white as they first seem.

Oh, and there was also loads of fireworks tonight 'cause it's "Guy Fawkes Night".

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