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Sparks will fly

It was actually painful waking up this morning and having to go to work after getting home from the stag do at 00:30.

I think I've had about 15 hours sleep in the last four days and the only reason I didn't fall asleep at work is because I've not been at my desk for the majority of the day.

I thought today would not bring any photo opportunity out of the blue, so I guessed I'd be doing a filler Blip, but when I got sent up to my old offices which have been derelict for nearly five years I started looking around the bare rooms for inspiration. It was only when I went into the factory area I was greeted with an opportunity.

The place is being gutted and ripped out, so meet Dave (blipfoto) who is our on site builder and now destroyer of stuff. All the metal in the building is being cut up for scrap, so here we have the action shot of said breakdown of my previous offices/factory.

Thanks for looking

Mr Bo Hingles

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