Chilling out - Cat Style.

Kevin, our feline house-guest, craves the company of any humans in his life. He really is a “people-cat”. Anywhere Keith or I are in the house Kevin is nearby. I was busy at the computer this morning. Kevin loves the big old oak sideboard in the room I call my office. He climbs up onto it and drapes himself comfortably under the shade of a pot plant. It was quite hot today so I suppose he was looking for shade of some sort.
Kevin also enjoys the company of the other cats in our family. He tries to play with them and shares their meals. He is going to be very lonely for other feline company when Hannah and Alex finish their holiday and return to take him back to his house-truck home in Nelson.
I have a very busy day lined up for tomorrow. Fellow Blipper “Photojournalism” and I are photographing a wedding in one of our local parks and then at a very lovely vineyard restaurant. Thus I may be very late in getting my blip for the day organised… We shall see…..

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