By MsQuizzical

Boom! Boom! A Bittern!

Funny how some days togging goes really well. :)

We had some sun and I shot a redwing down the field and got a nice pic of a pied wagtail very close to my dark grey horsey friend's head.

I was on the lookout for hearts for a project on IG and as I entered Fisher's Green I got a lovely, bright green, shiny, celandine leaf against the brown leaf litter.

I walked into the Bittern Hide and asked if there was anything interesting to see. A bittern had been seen earlier but was hiding. I couldn't decide whether to stay or not. Just as I was about to leave it crossed from one reed bed to another. Not ideal conditions for photography as I was shooting into the sun. What a fantastically camouflaged bird this is. I have yet to hear one boom.

I spent an enjoyable time afterwards looking for hearts. What luck! A pair of swans were mating at Hooks Marsh and I captured a near perfect heart that they made whilst smoking their post-coital ciggie. ;)

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