Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Gus is putting on his sad expression, perhaps it was because it was such a colourless day, or perhaps he was just fed up with waiting for his reward for sitting on the gravy bone stone. Otherwise, he was a happy boy. The grey background is the estuary at high tide and slack water.

I came home last night after three days when Eduardo and I worked non-stop on tidying up the orchard in BW. The first day it rained a lot, and by the end my back and everything else ached. The second day was easier. The third was one of blue skies and sunshine, the best day of the year so far, when it felt like Spring was upon us. By now we were going smoothly, and the spirits were soaring (despite E suffering from lack of sleep and the after effects of the night before's indulgence). The bigger fella joined us with the energy and enthusiasm of youth for the last couple of hours of cleaning up. I will back blip some before and after shots when there is time. There is still more to do, including removing a mountain of brash, but we have gone a long way to correct 40 years of neglect. We shall see in the Spring how the remaining apple trees flower.

It was an enjoyable few days, but it was so good to come home to Wifie and this little fellow who was ever so pleased to see me.

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