Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Happy returns

The longer days are returning, and Gus and I returned to the post-work walk along the estuary - and I only had to come home half an hour early.

Gus was joyful, reminding me of all the stops along the way where he does something to earn a treat.  He was particularly exuberant in sprinting up and down the rabbit field.

It was a joyful return for me too.  There was a scatter of redshanks feeding along the water's edge, a pair of goldeneyes diving just off shore, curlews bubbling beyond sight, and bulky ravens cronking.   When we came home a blackbird was still singing sweetly at dusk while a tawny owl hooted in the woods.  Sometime during the last week since I last posted a blip, blackbirds have started to sing again joining the chorus of robins and song thrushes.  More than a hint of Spring to come.

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