mono monday: steve in his element

It has been unseasonably cold for Florida for the past couple of months -I had not been in our boat Chelsea for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. So long I don't really remember. When Steve got home from Lucas Boatworks today he said, the sun is out, it's a beautiful day . . . I left the boat tied up at the dock. Why don't you grab your camera and we'll go out for a short ride. Well, I simply could not refuse! I mean, he's encouraging me to bring my camera? I'd be getting out on the water, seeing lots of birds - a great blue heron, lots of moorhens, a little blue heron, a kingfisher - having a little relaxation together -Yes!!

I had taken some other photos with mono monday in mind earlier, but I really liked this one of Steve, happily driving us (me & the dogs) around in Chelsea, complete with it's riding lawn mower engine : ) It's true! They make many wonderful things there, Steve is working on a catboat (sailboat) right now. Looking good! Thanks very much for your comments, I will be back to visit you soon.

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