Loving Cup

Not a very eventful day today. More vague packing and getting things together for tomorrow.
And writing lists of what the Little Misses do on what day to help Mr K. Miss E was very sweet this afternoon saying it might help Daddy if we wrote the name of each day followed by "dot dot" followed by what we do on each day. She's a born organiser!!
As it's half term Miss L came to gymnastics with Miss E. She did her usual trick of falling asleep the minute we left home and waking up just as we pulled up to the McDonalds drive thru! Her Happy Meal always makes me a bit sad - chips, fruit and the drink. But she's happy and she gets her toy. Which is of course the most important thing!
This is the little cup I bought Mr K for Valentines Day. Just a little thing to let him know how much I love him.

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