Shiny Shopping and .........

............. symmetry!!

This was taken in the Galeria Kaufhof (other shopping outlets are available) in Cologne, Germany (Koeln) ...... and reminds me of one of the things I love about that country - ordered symmetry - even when shopping!!! :-))

It's not matched side by side but balanced - even the items off-centre add to that balance (to me, anyway) - it also looks a touch Christmassy too but I think that's because of the shininess and reflections.

Get on the escalator - who knows what you might see ....

My 'mission' completed, I had a quick train ride into the centre of Cologne (Koeln) as I wanted to do a spot of shopping (I won't go into the underwear saga as I don't want to upset any of you delicate male blippers!!) but I also wanted some trousers - despite closing down the C&A stores here in the UK (people of "a certain age" will remember those), Germany still has them ...... the trouser part of my expedition was successful, the underwear part, not!!!

Then I sat in the gorgeous warm sunshine and had a cold beer at a pavement café before heading back to the airport - and I was getting paid for it all - a bonus!

Home at about 7.30 last night - a 19 hour day - but a productive one!

(Note: Because I know where I am I can actually see my reflection .... just!!!)

Counting down the days to the Band of Blippers Bash in Florida - yay!!!!

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