Constant Exposure

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Instant Nostalgia

Today we had our teacher conferences for both Holly and Emma. Both got glowing reviews and are excelling at school. I think that's about as much as any parent can hope for. Made us so proud and happy for them. With kids it's all about their future and I'm so happy they are getting off to a good start.

Later in the day the girls did some impromptu make-overs all by themselves(hair, makeup, wardrobe, the works!) and then came to show off their creations to me. I told them we should do a wee photo-shoot and managed to get a few shots before they got bored and moved on to their next activity. Still, I like this shot (large) and think it looks well using a similar treatment I used yesterday.

It also gave me a ready made blip for today even though I realise this is my 600th blip and I should probably do something to mark the occasion. But then I've never done that for previous milestones (except 365) so why start now? It goes without saying that I owe Joe and the gang at blip central and all of you who comment and view this journal a very heart felt thanks. I may do this journal regardless of who looks at it but it does make a big difference to get so much support from fellow blippers. I only wish I could reciprocate more to others than I do at present. But I think that is something we all struggle with. Anyway, thanks all. It is so very much appreciated.

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