I forgot today was my 400th entry. Hooray! Yippee! I feel like the ball is finally rolling - Like I am able to express myself creatively more and more and I can see how much happier that makes me. Anyhow...

I positively cannot could not decide between this blip pictured or my Polaroid Ferris Wheel. I have always wanted to pull off the digital-version-of-the-polaroid-I-just-took... and I think it turned out really well (even though I prefer darker photos)... but blips tend to beg to be displayed... so my blip is not the polaroid concept because I think this one is more interesting. (I've also blipped this building before.)

Yesterday, Elle and I went to the abandoned carnival. Today, Elle, MC, and I returned to the carnival and the carnies were everywhere... and kid carnies too. Weird. Apparently they're like gypsies and just breed their families and bring them around.

Also featured in this blip is my Polaroid SX-70 that I bought on Ebay a couple of years ago. This is my last pack of polaroid SX-70 film. I'm down to my last three 600 speed film for my other polaroid... and I don't have any for my 360 Land Camera OR my Polaroid Big Shot. Sad.
I did buy some experimental SX-70 film on polapremium.com yesterday and paid WAY more than I will ever pay for polaroid film. It's just sad that it's dying as it is.
Tried to get 120 film for my Holga today, but the shop was closed... so next week it is.
We had so much fun today. (Well, at least I did... I hope you two did as well.)
It's chilly outside now, the skies have been beautiful, my friends are in town, and my family gets to cook together and eat a lot. It's .... lovely.
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to my American blippers!

Ciao, Bliplandia.

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