So today is my last day in my thirties! Tomorrow a whole new decade begins.....
As I think I've said before turning forty doesn't bother me at all but I just can't believe it! I still feel as if I'm in my twenties, just out of University and ready for a few years of travelling around and living it up in London.
Even more terrifying it doesn't seem like five minutes since my dad's fortieth!!
But it's true, life begins tomorrow apparently!
I was torn today about what to do. The house is in absolute chaos - I haven't been at home much lately and things have been a bit neglected. Part of me thought it would be good to have a day getting everything straight before our weekend away.
The other - bigger - part didn't want to spend the last day of my thirties doing housework!!
In the end it was a compromise - a bit of tidying, a bit of TV, a bit of washing up, a bit of Facebook chatting, one load of laundry, a bit of reading and then it was time to go and get Miss E for swimming.
The teacher told her at the end of the lesson that she is ready to move up to Stage 4 next week. Woohoo!!! She was so pleased and proud of herself which, of course, makes me very pleased and proud!
Friday night sleepover chaos is currently ongoing, Mr K is cooking stir fry and we'll be settling down to Jonathan Creek in a bit.
Rock 'n' Roll Friday!
Imagine how boring I'll be when I'm forty......

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