Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Spent a good part of this rainy day, a little at a time, putting our place back together- all the art is dusted and hung, and the floors are vacuumed - the ladders are gone. Yea! don't need to do that again any time soon…hope for no more leaks...

And then, a family dinner. There are just 10 of us here in this town but everyone is so busy that it takes great planning to find a time to get together. It's been since Christmas...No one wants to cook so we meet at a favorite restaurant where everyone can order what they like. We can actually have a conversation, now that Fi is 4! Once in a while, it’s a treat for all! Here is one side of the table --daughter-in-law A, son #2 E, Tatum and Niklas at our favorite family fish restaurant at fisherman’s terminal where the fishing fleet is. Wonderful photos of hard working fisherman all over ........
E is off to Vancouver WA (near Portland OR) tomorrow for a 2 day pro/asst-pro golf tournament with his boss.. But it's march in the PNW !-it’s raining cats and dogs right now!.... We may have the boys after school the next 2 days…...or not..

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