Last year there was a tiny deer in our park that we called Rascal. He (or maybe she) was born in the fall, and he was a twin. Rascal made it through the winter under the watchful eye of a large number of people who frequent the park.

This fall another tiny deer was discovered. He (or she) was also a twin. Unfortunately the mother and the twin have both been killed, one by a car and one by a coyote, according to the story circulating in the park. So the little one is on her own. If you've been following my journal, you know that once again we are feeding a little deer with hopes that she will make it through the winter. I have decided to call her Rascal-etta. As you can see, she is adorable. When I spotted her today, she was standing here watching me, and eventually she walked almost within reach of my outstretched hand. If only I had some apples with me!

Just for comparison, here is a full-sized doe. Rascal-etta has a lot of growing to do!

Extra cute in "large"

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