Sundown on the river

After feeding apples to Rascal-etta late this afternoon, Bob and I walked across the pedestrian bridge. These two fly fishermen were on the river hoping to get a lucky strike. Unfortunately, the one on the right had been less than lucky. His fishing line was hopelessly tangled. As he fussed with it for endless minutes, I waited, getting chilled despite my hat, scarf, and gloves. I wanted to capture a blip of them casting their lines, but eventually I began to feel like an ice cube and headed for home. I decided to blip this anyway, even though they weren't casting, because I liked the silhouettes and the light from the setting sun. Hope you like it too.

If you missed my blip of Rascaletta on Friday, you can click here to see it. As you can see from today's picture, she really likes the apples, and she has started to enjoy corn kernals. Her spots aren't as noticeable either. We were told that is because she is getting her winter coat...a very good thing.

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