RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


The culmination of Zihuatanejo Carneval Week is a grand parade, full of costumes and floats. Last year we were lucky enough to be downtown when the spectacle arrived at the basketball court, this year I had volleyball game I had to attend, so I decided to see the start rather than the end. The entrants were staged all around Plaza Kioto and I was one of hundreds jockeying for a good position to capture shots of the extravagance that is a Zihua parade. Shots I captured, over 300 in the short time I spent before my game started. I whittled the total down to about 70 that were worth keeping, like this shot of these dancers shown here. Loved the colors and style of this group. I imagine I am somewhere in the Caribbean, especially with Gloria Estafan booming from the speakers on the pickup directly in front of them. Don't know if they were able to dance al the way into town, but they looked good at the beginning.

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