Scooter is a three year old black and white springer spaniel. I first met her and her person, Hank, almost three years ago when she was just a lively little pup, but hadn't seen them for months. I didn't see much else that was photoworthy on my walk in the park today, but I love the photogenic smiles on this pair, so they get to be today's blip. I also posted them in my "Dogs and their People" gallery on SmugMug. I've accrued quite a collection of puppies and people there, just because I love photographing dogs! Check out the link if you like dogs.

Weather update: Our three days of sunshine are over and done with. Now it is chilly and rainy. They are predicting warm and wet for tomorrow, followed by several more days of cold, wet, weather. That's spring in northeast Ohio. I hope it is warmer and sunnier where you live.

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