Arnside and beyond

By gladders


One of the little ash trees on the top of Arnside Knott: while everything else is beginning to bud-break, the ash stays resolutely dormant. How does such a successful and fast-growing tree manage with such a short growing season?

I'm just checking in briefly this evening. We have been away for the weekend, in Bishop Wilton, helping Eduardo with the orchard renovation. This weekend we were pile-driving posts in to make a fence, with the able assistance of the tree fellas. Today Gus demonstrated he knows all about tractors and trailers, happily sitting on the load on the back of open trailer as Eduardo manoeuvred it onto the verge.

A good weekend, a little tiring, so I am leaving comments off tonight. Sophie and Max have arrived to stay for a few days, and are plotting their adventures for the next few days. Me, I have to go to work tomorrow, boo hoo. When everything was going pear-shaped on Thursday, I did beginning wondering if it was too late to take the offer of voluntary exit - it was.

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