Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Shadow of the wolf

As the sun lowers in the sky, and shadows lengthen, Gus begins his transformation from gentle sheepdog into a wolf. A gentle wolf who doesn't exhibit the faintest hint of aggression, who doesn't know what to do when he catches up with a rabbit, and who runs with a human pack of two.

This was walk three of the day, a stroll along the prom, in and out of the woof trees, a chase through the rabbit field, a meander through Grubbins Wood, and back along the coast listening to bubbling curlews and oystercatchers piping.

Last night we had an adventurous walk with Sophie and Max to the top of Arnside Knott and back. Arnside Knott is not normally an adventurous place, but in a two wheel drive mobility buggy it certainly is, particularly on the downhill leg when the brakes lock the wheels on the steep wet grassland. Enough said. Everyone survived intact and smiling, mission impossible became possible through the sheer determination of one unstoppable young woman.

Tonight I came home after Gus's walk, Wifie was still at work, and dinner was cooking. The best sort of house guests.

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