Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

B&W Jamison

I forgot. Again. About MonoMonday.

I did, however, take a landscape, and I'm partial to B&W conversions of landscapes, and the landscape is of the bush, which is full of trees, and therefore, wood. So if the theme can stretch sufficiently without breaking, I might be able to creep into today's MonoMonday: wood - hosted by TywynSue.

Click to enJamisonate.

If not, you'd have to subject your eyeballs to one of a number of other photos I took on a wander around in the middle of the day. I decided to check out the ninja-star bokeh balls created by this Soligor at a range of apertures; this is at f/2.8.

And all of them together make for some really migrainous fun: wide open we have circles; from f/4 the edges get pointy; at f/5.6 we have very clear buzzsaw blades/ninja stars (whichever you prefer).

I also shot towards the sun to check out the flare. I find myself somewhat perplexed by the rather vascular look of this big flare.

Soligor 1:2.8/35mm on Pentax K-30.

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