A Snapshot a Day

By AgathasMum

Cor Blimey, 25 Years!

25 years ago today we arrived in America. We came for 2 years, and are still here!

Things have certainly changed in those 25 years. When we first arrived it was all airmail letters written on the thin airmail paper, newspaper cuttings, the odd British chart taped on a cassette, the occasional outrageously expensive phone call, photos, the rare treat of a Q or Vox magazine that we sometimes spotted in Borders, and Masterpiece Theatre.

Look at us now. We email, blip and Facebook our friends and family. We Skype, we listen to good old Steve Wright in the afternoon (who I listened to in college!), although he is Steve Wright in the morning for me, via the internet. There are an abundance of British newspapers and magazines available online as well as British TV shows to stream and download.

Technology has changed, but have we? Are we American now, or British? Officially we are both. The British me still eats with cutlery in both hands, still washes and irons the husbands shirts myself. Tea will always be hot, fish and chips should always come with peas, and doughnuts and muffins are cakes that you eat for tea, not breakfast!

On the other hand the American me does like to drive with just one foot, enjoys the sunshine we get here and loves her McMansion with acreage!

Best of both worlds I suppose!

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