Photographer in Waiting

The Royals came to town today. The weather was disappointing with drizzle early and low cloud all morning. I wandered down to Seymour Square around 9.30am. That is where all the action was to take place. I checked up on a number of friends who were there bright and early in order to get good spots for seeing Prince William and his lovely Duchess. There were security guys everywhere and police with scanners checking everything out. They were even scanning the flowerbeds. It pays to be careful. The bomb-detection dog was doing his thing sniffing around whilst on a very long lead.
People were turning up in droves all the time and some rehearsals were under way with someone singing the national Anthem and a bugle playing away. I caught up with the intrepid Ricky. He was fairly comfortable on a folding chair, in a good spot. He said he’d got there around 7.30am all loaded up with cameras. I photographed him fortifying himself with a meat pie. That is dedication for you!
I’m sorry to say that I did not stay at Seymour Square. The dogs were in the vehicle and needed to be taken home. So, except for Ricky, I do not have any memorable images to share with the world…. Sigh! Apparently over 6000 citizens turned out to see the Royal couple….. I think that is an excellent turnout for our town.
PS: Ricky texted me… He got a good shot of Prince William.

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