By Landscapeartist

Oh deer!

These two couldn't believe their luck this afternoon when a full size deer ran straight across the path in front of them. No amount of shouting from me stopped them from giving chase, down the path and into the next field.
Just then a malamute type dog appeared through the hedgerow, closely followed by a frantic owner trying to catch it. This dog had obviously given chase to the deer and pushed the poor creature into the path of two deerhounds! The gentleman was gasping for breath, having chased the dog some 400 metres across the fields.
My two were back within 20 seconds, so the deer must have had the sense to cross the river, thank goodness.

The majority of my day has been spent decorating again. The room is looking much better and we should get it finished at the weekend.
I did take the car across to the local garage to have the Summer tyres put back on. It is not allowed to snow now, so I've ordered some lovely sunny weather for us all.

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