By Landscapeartist

Don't miss me out.

This is Brodie making a beeline for the treats, as she heard me offering Fionne one. She has definitely become more food orientated since the pup arrived.

I managed to finish off the decorating today, as I didn't want it to be lingering over the weekend. My Daughter has put the finishing touches to the room, with a 'rocket based' theme and hopefully there will be one very excited two year old going to bed this evening. Perhaps bedtime is not the best time to show a small boy his new room....we'll see.

The only other bit of excitement in my day was a 45 second video sent to me of our other Grandson Mckenzie. He was 2 last month and already has great rhythm. In fact when any music comes on, he can't keep still.
I decided to put it on Youtube because when I saw it, I had tears streaming down my face. Perhaps it's because he's our Grandson that I found it so funny.
If anyone is interested and cares to comment, please check out 'Raving Happy' on small boy sitting in a car seat, very happy to be listening to the music (which is a bit warned!)

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