A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Bristol day 2

We spent a bit of time this morning helping to box up some kitchen items for Grace ready for the move. Chris potted up some plants she wants to take and we bubble wrapped the pictures we will bring home to store safely for her and John.

Time for a coffee in Gloucester Rd and then another sunny al fresco lunch.

I took another picture of Grace today as she was wearing the vintage style top I have just knitted for her. We are both very pleased with the way it looks.

After dropping her off in the city centre we doubled back up to Clifton and headed south on the M5 to Exeter and then on to our friends in Buddleigh Salterton. We have had a good catch up over dinner in The Feathers talking so much I never got around to taking more pictures.

So here on the left we are crossing Brunel's suspension bridge over the Clifton Gorge leaving Bristol. They have just announced that the toll is going up to a pound soon but we got away with paying just 50p!

Hope to get down to the sea tomorrow.

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