Not Seeing the Wood for the Trees

It's been a bitch of a day. No other way to describe it. I have this piece of work which has to be finished before start of play tomorrow. I thought I was almost done with it last night, having sorted out all of what I thought was the tricky stuff. But I can't fix one last problem. It's driving me mad now and I'm sure I'm just missing something simple. My head is in a really bad place at the moment so I'm best just getting away from the computer for a while.

The lads had a friendly cricket game today, which I was hoping to cycle across to watch, but the need to get this work done, combined the pretty miserable weather, kept me inside. I missed Forrest carry his bat for 81 not out, and Roam pick up a wicket in a good spell. At least they've had a good day.

Thanks so much for all your kind and encouraging words on my alternative blipday. You know who you are. I appreciate that encouragement more than I can say right now. The need to get out to blip someone does get me out of myself and I really need that at the moment. I took a very short, very slow run on the moor and in that brief time met some interesting people. I'm choosing a landscape for here though. The skies have been very dramatic today. As I write this in the twilight of the evening they have again appeared black and brooding and there is now rain being driven against the windows by the ferocious wind that has blown all day. It's very frustrating as I spent Friday in the office looking out longingly upon clam blue skies and the forecast for tomorrow is the same. Fed up!

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