ISS, There, Live On Mars

No idea where I'm going with that title.

After yesterday's failed attempt at capturing a fly past from the International Space Station down at the harbour I headed back again tonight for another go. No rain, no wind, no clouds and a full moon to help light way and the stop me falling into the Forth. Just a perfectly silent, bright pass that lasted 3 or 4 minutes before the ISS passed back into the shadow of the Earth, just as it was about to fly past Mars. It was busy up in the skies there tonight.

Even managed a selfie with this one too.

Big ISS Best.

Bit of background on the shot: Fisheye adapter on 16mm pancake lens. Composite of six 30 second exposures, shot manually in RAW and adjusted in Lightroom. Exported to layers into Photoshop, each layer above the base one set to 'lighten' blend mode (allowing the ISS trail to show. Layer mask added and used to let only the trail show (would see duplicate stars otherwise as they moved across each exposure). Saved back to LR for some final tweaks before posting.

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