By JLindenMSYP

Scotland's Future

So this evening my before and after more adding for the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards will be this: 650 Pages of Information on "Scotland's Future".

My mind as many of you will already know has been firmly made up. But I think it's important to continue immersing myself in the debate and hear both sides.

I'd quite like Young People to be able to access Scotland's Future. I understand that they "can" access it but would love for them to enjoy reading about the Referendum.

Regardless, the coming months are exciting for our Young People and hopefully will encourage them to participate even greater in Democracy!

I hope we get a higher turnout too for the European Parliament Elections. That would be great! Recognising the importance of Europe!

Anyway! Unusually for BlipFoto, this was a fairly political post but balanced at least.

Today was very lazy and the fist day of my time off. I enjoyed relaxing and spending most of it in bed! Then participating in a meeting of the Community Forum an incredibly important vehicle for change in our community.

Now: The highlight of my day is to watch the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards on STV in 13 Minutes. 9PM!

Be Inspired!

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