By JLindenMSYP

Glass of Sunshine

Today is glorious?! Don't you agree?

I am still on a complete high from last nights incredible Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards, STV, Extravaganza!!

Amazing 60 minutes of pure perfection in the form of Scotland's Young People!

Did you miss it? Silly you! Catch up at www.stv.tv/player !

I'm spending today at home and with the exception of an interesting visit to Tesco to buy this bubbly stuff - which entailed my first celebrity moment - exciting indeed!

I'm currently in the Garden enjoying the rays, fresh from a toasty bath and allowing the sun to soak. In three weeks I'll be in Turkey and can look forward to some more of the same.

So today's Blip is self explanatory it's a picture of the lovely stuff I'm enjoying in the sun. The way the light was bouncing off the base of the silver and reflecting up through the fizz was picture worthy. I hope you don't mind indulging me.

I'm going out this evening, the first time in two months that I've gone - "out" - out as they say.

Madness ahead. But forgive me! It's the holidays after all.......

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